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      The Gem County Zoning Commission's Gas & Oil sub-committee, that has been tasked to write our county's Natural Gas and Oil Ordinances, has been instructed by Gem County's planning director to use the IAC (Idaho Association of Counties) template as a starting point/working draft and has been instructed to use the Gem County Citizens draft version as a reference only.

      The IAC version is an industry approved draft, designed to be used by all Idaho counties, and has significantly less protections for the People of Gem County as compared to the Citizen's draft. Click HERE to read the working IAC draft. The Gem County Citizens draft is below. Please compare these two different Gas & Oil Ordinance drafts for yourself. If you have an opinion, please contact the Gem County Development Services Department and the Gem County Commissioners ( Thank you.

NEW Gem County Citizens Gas & Oil Draft Ordinance


This draft, based on the County's draft but incorporating protective language from time-tested and attorney-vetted ordinances in experienced oil & gas states, has been prepared by citizens for the Gem County Commissioners.

click here to view the new 2016 citizens draft

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and Gem County's draft

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Gem County Citizens Gas & Oil Draft Ordinance

This draft has been prepared by several concerned citizens of Gem County,
with input from others with expertise in Gas & Oil related issues.

Gem County Citizens Gas & Oil Ordinance - Draft 01-13-2014.pdf

To read online, click on the link above - a .pdf file will load.  You may print it out; or, to download from there, simply save a copy to your computer to read offline.

Natural Gas & Oil Well Ordinance
Prepared by Citizens of Gem County
Protects Public Health & Safety while Achieving Economic Development

Safeguards and Protections:
- Air & Soil
- Property values
- Rural and quiet living space
- Ground water & Surface water
- Roadways, public areas, scenic and recreational areas

Accomplished by the means of:
- Setbacks
- Baseline testing of air, soil and waters
- Full disclosure of all chemicals, materials, equipment and methods used

- Prohibiting nuisances that diminish enjoyment of our living spaces
- Regulations protecting agriculture, hunting and fishing habitats
- Drilling restrictions for Payette River, tributaries, floodplain, seismically charted areas (including Black Canyon Dam) and methods of extraction
- Applicant responsible for ALL costs related to Gas & Oil operations/permits and infrastructure without any financial burden to Gem County government and its citizens

Concerned Citizens Gas & Oil Workshop Presentations:

01-13-2014 G&O workshop presentation by Joe Morton.pdf

01-13-2014 G&O workshop presentation by Victoria Casetta.pdf