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**Gem County Community Gas Forum**
“Natural Gas Drilling and Your Property Rights”

This community forum was held on July 7th 2014. Scroll down to view the video link, power-point presentation and other information from that evening.

For more information, please contact Joe Morton - 208-573-8405

~ Video of the Gem County Community Gas Forum ~
available to view at "Tom Mund's Video Page" website
(scroll to the top of the video list to select the video "Gas and Oil meeting Emmett" and watch)

~ Presentation by Alma Hasse, Executive Director ICARE ~
Idaho Concerned Area Residents for the Environment
**click here to view Alma Hasse's power-point presentation**

~ Key points made by the speakers by Craig Campbell ~
**click here to view Craig Campbell's speaker key points**

Topics of the forum:

1) Mineral Rights & drilling on your property:

~ Surface Rights vs. Mineral Rights  -  “Split Estate” For many local properties, “property owners” only own the top foot of land (“surface rights”) and the State or another entity owns everything underneath.  It’s the sub-surface “mineral rights” that are leased to gas & oil companies, allowing developers to come onto your land and drill…whether you want them to or not.

~ Learn how to determine if you own your Mineral Rights (not always made clear in real estate transactions) – Guest Speaker:  John Henderson, Gem County Assessor’s Office

~ How to know whether a neighbor has leased to the gas company

2) Mineral/Gas Leasing Basics – How this may apply to you:

~ What leasing is going on where, and what it might lead to

~ Questions to ask “the Landman” (collector of seismic exploration permissions and lease signatures on behalf of the gas developers)

~ Any gas lease is negotiable! – Terms and conditions to include in your lease

~ What happens if you don’t want to lease? – Idaho law (“Forced Pooling” for Idaho landowners is in the works at the State level, whereby everyone in any 640-acre section that industry wants to drill in can be forced to accept drilling on their property; how to tell if you are in such a “pool”)

~ How gas leasing (yours and/or others’) affects property values, mortgages (most of which prohibit any “hazardous activity”, sometimes even on neighboring property), & insurance (which usually comes with exceptions to any pollution damage & industrial activity)

3) Property Values & Quality of Life – Hidden costs & effects to balance against any royalty income:

~ Personal issues – Property values, health & quality-of-life effects of noise/ air/water pollution risks (and why you might want to get pre-drilling water samples), safety risks involved with gas development (and the possibility of a need for earthquake insurance)

~ Community issues – Typical changes to agricultural communities where gas drilling comes in:  road damage/traffic, pollution possibilities, increase in crime, overall rural quality of life changes

4) County-level Decision-making – Gem County Oil & Gas Well Ordinance is now under development:

~ Ordinance sub-committee & meetings – The public is invited…how you may give input (next meeting is July 10th, 6:30pm, Courthouse 3rd floor)

~ “Setbacks” – The minimum distance of gas/oil wells from residences, water wells, schools, etc., which affects property values, water & air quality, noise/ lighting/dust intensity

~ Community Infrastructure, Community Quality of Life – To what extent should industry “pay to play”? (actual level of payment to the County for extracted gas is minimal; administrative & impact fees, pre-drilling water/air sampling, indemnity insurance)

5) State Legislative Action – Oil & Gas Commission “rulemaking” & how it will affect you…and how you may get involved :